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I'm 29 and trying to get a handle on my finances so that, one day, I can buy a home of my own. I've been reading personal finance blogs recently and decided to start one chronicling my own struggles and success (hopefully). I am lucky, considering the amounts of debt and tales of tragedy I've read about... but I am making some positive changes and moving in the right direction.

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

My hero, my Chase credit card

I've been putting off the most immediate action upon trying to organize my finances - figuring what I owe and creating a budget accordingly. So you can imagine my surprise when I log on to view my Chase card account, which I estimate to about $130, and see that I owe over $1,500!

A quick look at "Activity since last statement" reveals that someone has charged international airline tickets to my card... several times! I call the customer service number right away and I am transferred to the fraud department. While my account must be closed, they are not holding me liable for the charges - thank goodness! They're sending me new cards and a paper that I have to sign and return to them, stating that I know nothing about the disputed charges. And of course, I'll be ordering credit
reports to make sure that no new accounts have been opened in my name.

For your free annual copy of a credit report from each bureau, go to Annual Credit Report.

While I am in no way praising the credit card companies, I was thrilled at how easy this was to clear my name. I am so relieved... although this still isn't over.


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