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Thursday, July 13, 2006


I love finding my favourite products at a drastically reduced price - don't you? That's the thrill of thrift stores and garage sales and Craig's List... and now, the 99 Cent Store.

I was there yesterday to buy a few things and I stumbled on a hanging rack of underwear... because of my size (large and lovely), I don't usually check stuff like this. But the fabric caught my eye and I realized it was the same underwear that I had run around like a mad woman buying at Big Lots when it was $1.99 a pair. The brand is Hanes Just My Size, and they make really pretty underwear in larger sizes - it's so nice to not have to stick to plain granny panties! I'm 28, for pete's sake, not 82.

So I load up my little basket, being grateful that I found them at 99 cents a pair. Then I proceed down the aisle... where I find a cardboard container of the same underwear, but these have fallen off of their hangers and are missing the cardstock hangtag... so they've been reduced to 2 for 99 cents! Oh, happy day! I believe I danced an original Irish jig right there in the aisle, claiming myself Lady of the Dance!

Amazing how cheap pretty underwear makes one feel, isn't it?


Anonymous Terri said...

Congratulations from another "large and lovely" lady! I'll have to check out my local store this weekend!

1:36 PM  

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