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Friday, October 13, 2006

How many of you buy coupons online?

I'm an avid couponer, but I usually don't buy brand-name products unless there's a spectacular coupon or sale, or preferably both. But sometimes I'll see a great coupon in the Sunday paper and think, "Wow, I wish I had lots more of these." Ebay is my answer.

I just bought 20 coupons for Tidy Cat litter off of Ebay for about $3, including shipping. Each coupon is good for $1 off 1 bag, any size, any variety. If I shop at Ralphs, where they double coupons, I'll save $2 per bag... bringing my total to about 60 cents for a 10-pound bag. So spending $3 on Ebay has saved me $40 in future purchases on something I have to buy as long as this wretched creature is alive. (Yes, it's R's cat - how'd you guess?) They expire in about two months, but since it's non-perishable, I'll just stock up before they go expire... so we'll just have mounds of carefully hidden cat litter in our garage.

How many of you do the same? If you don't buy coupons online, why not? What kinds of items do you buy coupons for?

And if you actually sell coupons - where do you get so dang many of them?!


Blogger Lazy Man and Money said...

I bought a couple of $3 coupons for Fibersure for something like 75 cents total. The seller put more coupons in, but nothing that I'd actually buy, so they went to waste.

I buy so much generic and store brand stuff that I'm not a big coupon person. What's the use in cutting a coupon to save 50 cents when it costs 50 cents more due to the labelling on the package?

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