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I'm 29 and trying to get a handle on my finances so that, one day, I can buy a home of my own. I've been reading personal finance blogs recently and decided to start one chronicling my own struggles and success (hopefully). I am lucky, considering the amounts of debt and tales of tragedy I've read about... but I am making some positive changes and moving in the right direction.

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Starting a new saving plan this year

I decided yesterday to actually start saving the money I save by buying groceries on sale and with coupons. Every supermarket I go to has a line at the bottom of the receipt that says "You saved: $$$," so this is a really easy task.

Yesterday I went to two supermarkets and saved a total of $12.45. I went home and transferred this amount into my ING savings account. I plan to keep doing this, and see what my yearly total comes to.

Grand total for 2007: $12.45


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