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Friday, December 01, 2006

Just received my cheap eyeglasses

The other day I received the cheap eyeglasses I ordered. I love them! They are purple (more maroon, really) plastic frames, and are very similar to my existing pair in size and shape.

Total for the glasses was $9.99 with $4.85 for shipping. They shipped in a free hard case, which really protected them in the mail. I placed the order on November 22, they shipped on November 24, and I received them a week later on November 29.

You can't beat $15 for a pair of prescription glasses these days. Granted they're certainly not designer frames, but they're fun and flattering. I am very happy with my purchase, and am already thinking of ordering another pair after the holidays... the red ones or maybe even a retro pair, if I'm brave enough to pull that off.

Definitely check out if you're thinking of getting another pair. I'm really happy with my purchase.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Buying glasses from was a NIGHTMARE. I have never experienced worse customer service. On the same day, Jan 30, 2007, I ordered glasses with the exact same prescription (but different models) from three vendors:,, and I received them all about the same time-- within 1-2 weeks, but the sunglasses I ordered from just didn't work. I saw double vision, and they were very painful--there was definitely something wrong with them. The other pairs of glasses from the other companies were fine. Over the next several months I had the most frustrating consumer experience of my life. I called and emailed many, many times. Each time I emailed, I would get a new email back saying that there must be something wrong with the prescription and to get a new one. Eventually, I learned that the glasses weren't compatible with my prescription, and they asked me to send them back (at my expense) and to pick a new pair. I did so immediately. Nothing happened! Each time I called (when I could get through) and explained the situation to someone new, they said they would check into it, and PROMISED (I made them swear) to call me back, but no one ever did! Eventually, I learned that the replacement pair I had chosen *also* wasn't compatible. Now it is April 21, almost 3 months after I placed my order, and I have finally received my replacement. The funny thing is, they still didn't get it right-- I asked for a dark tint, and they are tinted light (I'm not crazy enough to complain about that!). Through the whole thing, no one really seemed to care that they had messed up, and there seemed to be absolutely no system for tracking my problem, no recourse, just craziness.
Everyone I talked to and emailed there-- and there were many many long emails and telephone conversations-- it was like I was talking to someone about the problem or order for the very first time -- and then immediately after I talked to them they completely forgot about it. Do NOT order from this company. They are actually not cheaper than other companies -- for lenses with even intermediate strength, they add an extra charge (which you don't see until you check out). Also, unlike the other companies, they never requested to see my prescription or the name of my doctor. They never offered any sort of compensation for my troubles, and I suspect they hoped that I would just forget about it for the $40 I spent.

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