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Friday, October 20, 2006

Cheap prescription eyeglasses

I found this website through Slickdeals, and I'm planning on ordering a pair for myself to test the quality. I wear contacts most days, but I was looking for some fun new glasses to wear on the days when my eyes need a rest - I'm thinking of buying either the purple or red plastic frames. For a total of about $15 including shipping, I'm willing to try them. They have a decent selection of metal frames as well as plastics, and each frame can be ordered with darkened sunglass-type lenses, as well as to other specifications. You also get a free hard case with each pair of glasses you order.

This seems like it would be really great if you have kids that constantly lose their glasses - why keep buying expensive eyeglasses if you don't have to? My cousin lost something of his almost everyday when we were kids, so if you have a kid like him, definitely give this site a look.

And no, this isn't a referral link. :)

$7.99 Cheapest Prescription Eyeglasses available online at
Secure Online Ordering, 30 Days Money Back Guarantee, High Quality Prescription Eye frame and Branded Prescription Lenses.
Ships within 24 hrs of ordering.
Complete Prescription Eyeglasses for $7.99:
Quality Eyeframe Starting from Just $1
Hard Coated Plastic Lens for $6.99
Free Hard Case
Ships within 24 Hrs, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Please Note: The lenses with sphere greater than (-) (+) 8.00 or cylinder more than (-) (+) 4.25 Are not stock lenses and hence cost more to be custom produced in lab. So, we have to charge extra $14.99 for these lenses.


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