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I'm 29 and trying to get a handle on my finances so that, one day, I can buy a home of my own. I've been reading personal finance blogs recently and decided to start one chronicling my own struggles and success (hopefully). I am lucky, considering the amounts of debt and tales of tragedy I've read about... but I am making some positive changes and moving in the right direction.

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Friday, December 15, 2006

Give the gift of financial freedom - Dave Ramsey products $10 each plus shipping

Just saw these deals posted over at Slickdeals - they'd be great for those people on your Christmas list that either need some help when it comes to their finances or people that want some help.

Get any of Dave Ramsey's books, cds or dvds for only $10 plus shipping until December 18th.

If you go to, you can save $10 off your purchase of $30 or more by using Google Checkout - one poster at Slickdeals got 3 Dave Ramsey books for a total of $20.92 plus free shipping.


Blogger D said...

I would get it, but I'm sure Dave would advise me against spending the money. I find myself torn. LOL

9:09 AM  

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