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I'm 29 and trying to get a handle on my finances so that, one day, I can buy a home of my own. I've been reading personal finance blogs recently and decided to start one chronicling my own struggles and success (hopefully). I am lucky, considering the amounts of debt and tales of tragedy I've read about... but I am making some positive changes and moving in the right direction.

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Selling out or seizing opportunities?

Luckily I've had a lot of time at work lately to websurf and look for more ways to bring in some cash. I believe that the best way to get ahead (for me, that's paying off debt and saving more), is using your income as wisely as possible. But I also believe that you should look for additional opportunities to make more if you can.

You may have read in my previous post that I signed up for Blogsvertise, a paid blogging site. When my blog turns 3 months old on Friday, I'll also sign up for Pay-Per-Post. I'll mark these entries by putting the name of the company in brackets before the title of the post - I understand you guys may not want to read that kind of entry. I apologize.

As much as I love the honesty of the personal finance blogging community, I feel like I would be foolish not to take advantage of using this blog in all possible ways to meet my goal of becoming debt-free. Since some of these sites pay $10 a post, I think it's a practical approach to supplementing my income without taking a second job... just like joining survey sites and participating in focus groups. All these things can be done with a minimum of time and some even with a minimum of effort.

I know the blogging community tends to either be very positive or very negative about paid blogging sites, and I can completely understand that. But I hope that you all will be as supportive about this decision as you have been about others that I've written about.


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